Services > Pruning

We prune for function and form—to remove hazardous or damaged limbs, promote healthy growth, and showcase your tree’s unique beauty.

Each pruning cut is made with health and aesthetics in mind, so your trees will look good and grow well.

Pruning services include:

  • Removal of dead, or dying branches to keep your trees safe and healthy
  • Clearance pruning on branches that encroach on structures, pathways, patios and power lines
  • Reduction of overall tree size and/or overextended limbs
  • Thinning for wind-stress management and light penetration
  • Restoration pruning to re-beautify badly-maintained trees
  • Young tree structural pruning to develop a strong, pleasing branch structure and keep future maintenance to a minimum.
  • Fruit tree pruning to increase fruit production and keep your orchard healthy

Our pruning team uses only safe, tree-friendly methods, including spikeless climbing and friction management devices to prevent damage to your trees. We follow ANSI A300 Tree Care Pruning Standards.